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Your passion, your patience, and your work with me has allowed me to reach my purpose. I've written four books, but I wanna laugh at them after seeing this process. But at least I can say, I've published, now it is time. With your help, I'm going to the next level.

Dr. Carl Barnes

I just want to say thank you. 1 for your generosity, 2 for your hard work that you put into all of this, and 3 just being such a champion for all of us going forward.


I'm just loving this course and you have no idea I've created an AI workshop for entrepreneurs and it's going to be absolutely amazing and I was surprised when I saw the name "Your AI for Entrepreneurs" because I already have the landing page and everything and I was like Zachariah saw my information.


Couldn’t have done it without you and Darby. You guys are eliminating years of frustrations in days, if not hours.


Thanks to Zachariah I was able to bang out my book like in under an hour. That removed close to 5 years of work when I was trying to do it on my own.


Got myself listed as a #1 New Release on Amazon, couldn’t have done it without the 7 day book challenge.


Here’s what you get inside of the

one book millionaire system

The AI Best Seller Ghostwriting

We use your own stories and anecdotes to write the book you’ve always wanted. This process is constantly evolving as but at its core there are two things that matter. Your story, expertise and insights, and the person you want to serve. We take those, use Ai to expand, and voila…
Your masterpiece exists.

$10,000 value


The AI Audiobook Creation

Get ready to experience the thrill of a private one-on-one call with Zachariah and unlock the potential of an artificial intelligence artwork generator! Bring your book cover to life with cutting-edge technology and gain direct feedback from Zachariah throughout the entire process. Create a mesmerizingly captivating masterpiece that stands out from the crowd

$6,000 value


The AI Workbook Wizard

Tap into our deep well of knowledge and collaborate with our team of experienced professional designers. Our expertise will help you bring your cover concept to life with finesse, every element matters. Rest assured knowing that when it hits shelves, your book will look polished and marketable.


The One Book Millionaire
Cover Design System

No need for multiple drafts ever again! Let our talented editors quickly vet your content for accuracy before launch day arrives so nothing slips past them. Our editing services guarantee accuracy so you can focus on other important aspects related to launching instead.


The One Book Millionaire
Creative ads testing system

No need for multiple drafts ever again! Let our talented editors quickly vet your content for accuracy before launch day arrives so nothing slips past them. Our editing services guarantee accuracy so you can focus on other important aspects related to launching instead.


The One Book Millionaire Professional Editing

Ensure your hard work doesn't go unnoticed by making sure everything looks perfect! Our experienced professionals are well-versed in all things related to formatting such as margins, spacing and pagination all the way down to fonts, tables of contents and indents.


The One Book Millionaire Professional Formatting

Make sure you're prepared for lift-off with weekly group coaching sessions dedicated solely to helping you create a foolproof launch strategy with Zachariah. Through his expertise and knowledge plus years of successful launches across multiple channels including Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform or other retailers such as Barnes & Noble or Apple iBooks Store


The AI Influencer Marketing System

Access to revolutionary launch system and the All of your social media posts, done for you 1-2x Daily, across all of your platforms.


from Posts, Carousels to Viral Videos

The Ultimate AI Ads Course

$2,500 value

Get ready for success on launch day! We provide complete setup of your Facebook Ads campaign so you can increase visibility for your new release as quickly as possible.

The 6-Figure Book Funnel

We build your book funnel for you! Part of launching a book and actually building a 7-figure brand is doing actually selling other products behind the book. We make sure you have this.

$2,000 value

The 0-inventory printing strategy

Take your book to millions of readers around the world! With our global distribution network, we will place your book on Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Amazon and other top retailers so that anyone who has access to those platforms will be able to find and purchase your work in just a few clicks.


Traditional Amazon Best Seller Launch

We will launch your book to Amazon and make it a best seller!


The Podcast Tour Strategy

Want to be featured on the latest podcasts? You'll learn how we do it One Book Millionaire Style! This will give you the power to market your book and your brand your way!


The Ultimate Book PR Strategy

Learn how we get booked on Morning shows! This part of the program will teach you everything your Publicist wont! No BS, you'll finally understand the secret behind really good PR.


Graphic Novel Creation

Have you dreamed of writing your own Graphic Novel? We did to! So we created the system for how you do it, using AI!


Create Your Own Custom GPT

Want to learn the secret to how we train the AI, so you can create and sell your own? Great, you'll learn that here!


Total Value:


The One Book Millionaire Mastermind

  • Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Unlimited 1-on-1 Coaching

  • 24/7 Support

  • Accountability Partner

  • Private Community

Done For You


  • White Glove Service

  • Professional Ghostwriter

  • Custom Launch Package

  • Guaranteed Best Seller

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